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We Are 

100% Free

100% Volunteers

100% Professionals

100% Here to Help Veterans


We Are 

Led By Veterans

Guided By Employment Experts

A Team of Professional Organizational Researchers

100% Here to Help Veterans Obtain and Succeed in Civilian Jobs


Why We Exist 

To Raise the Standards for those Serving Veterans 

To Share the Veteran Employment Transition Facts

To Remove Barriers to Veteran Civilian Employment

To Improve How Veterans Obtain and Succeed in Civilian Jobs

Help Us Support Our Veterans!

Over 200,000 Military Veterans

Transition Each Year

Veterans face many challenges securing and maintaining meaningful civilian employment.

We Have a Plan

to Solve 80% of

Veteran Employment Transition Problems 

in the Next 10 years!

We Bring

experienced employment professionals and  researchers together to understand military veteran employment issues and advocate effective, evidence-based solutions.

We Advise and Train

organizations supporting veteran transition and employers seeking to hire and retain military veterans.

We Unite Forces

with universities, veterans, service organizations,

government agencies, and employers to provide veterans a web of employment transition support.


we can help veterans find meaningful employment and unleash the value veterans bring to the workforce. 

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