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Boeing Hires Veterans Because "Veterans Make Us Better"
Employers Are Committed to Hiring Veterans
-Because Veterans Add Value-

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

"Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to position military members, veterans and their families for success in their post-service lives. We are investing $45 million toward programs and initiatives to help military families." ~ JPMorgan Chase & Co.


"We value the knowledge, experience, and skills you acquired and honed during your military service career. Last year we hired more than 1,700 veterans in various positions throughout the United States." ~Xerox


"We are committed to putting Veterans back to work. Based on our own extensive experience working with Veterans in our company, we already know what you're capable of offering to Humana. At Humana you'll be able to apply your leadership experience from the military to your work, as well as commit yourself to an inspiring vision that allows you the opportunity to continue to serve an important purpose." ~Humana

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Veterans Add Value

The Foundation for VETS is committed

to communicating the value that veterans bring

to the civilian job market. 

We are not alone 

Some of the best companies are hiring

US veterans as a strategy to help veterans

and help improve their company.

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