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Veteran Transition Research & Advocacy Coalition (V-TRAC)

Developing Solutions through Science

Science Makes a Difference. We believe veteran transition advice must be evidence-based and grounded in scientific research. Through the Veteran Transition Research & Advocacy Coalition (V-TRAC) program, the Foundation for VETS conducts, promotes, and assesses research to inform the field and offer the latest insight to veterans and hiring managers. 


-Conducts, publishes, and presents veteran employment research using rigorous methods from the social sciences. 

-Partners with leading academic institutions and promotes the study of veteran transition issues. 

-Translates advanced research into accessible and tangible tips and best practices. 

VETS Personalized Development (VPD)

Scientifically Validated Personality and Competency Assessment

Veterans Come First. Through the VETS Personalized Development (VPD) program, active duty military personnel are invited to complete the Elite Performance Indicator personality and competency assessment.

-Get personalized feedback about how you can improve at work

-Get broad career guidance

-Translate your strengths into civilian Human Resources terms

-Practice here before you apply there (most Fortune 500s use assessments like the Elite Performance Indicator to screen job applicants)

VETS Connect Employers (VCE)

Facilitating Access between Applicants and Employers

Employment Matters. Employers seeking high value applicants and veteran applicants seeking great employers are put in touch through the VETS Connect Employers (VCE) program. We believe that helping veterans obtain great jobs is at the core of what we do. Most organizations helping veterans connect with employers charge fees for this work. The Foundation for VETS removes barriers by keeping this service FREE for the employer, and FREE for the veteran.

VETS Connect Services (VCS)

Connecting Needs with Solutions

We are a Force Multiplier. The Foundation for VETS cannot meet the needs of all our Nation’s heroes alone. But we are stronger united and are joining forces with amazing organizations helping veterans in ways the Foundation for VETS cannot. The VETS Connect Services (VCS) program connects veterans in need, with organizations that can help.

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This is How We Enable 

Veteran Employment Transition

Foundation for VETS Programs

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