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Rise Above It

100% Free for Veterans

We are Volunteers,
Serving those who Volunteered to Serve!

Veteran Led,

Civilian Supported


We provide free training, research, and advocacy to help U.S. military veterans  find meaningful civilian employment.

Foundation for VETS

How Are We Different?

We are a cooperative nonprofit led by experienced employment professionals, researchers, and military veterans seeking to unite forces to cause positive change in the veteran employment transition space.
We Unite:
Professionals in Civilian Human Resources
Professionals in Organizational & Employment Research
Join the fight!
Help us help serve those who served!


Helping veterans, employers, and the Nation by reducing and removing barriers to civilian employment.

Our Programs

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Our Values

Veterans Come First

Above all else, we exist to help veterans.

Employment Matters

Employment impacts families, health, and personal self-worth. We care about veteran employment.

Civilians Add Value

We embrace support from those willing to help, regardless of veteran status.

We are a Force Multiplier

We strive to cooperate, not compete with other organizations that are providing valuable support to veterans.

Efficient Impact

We deploy low-cost, high-impact, quick methods to enable veteran transition into civilian employment.

Science Makes a Difference

We rely on science to inform and advance our efforts.

Solutions, Not Just Services

We seek to build solutions to the veteran transition problem. 

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